Tali's backward seat

I've got into the bad habit of working downstairs, using the coffee tabel as a makeshift desk and ignoring the one I have upstairs. This results in a lot of kneeling with in tern results in Tali thinking she's obtained another bed. The back of my legs. Is there anywhere she won't sleep?!

Tali's welcome home

I got home yesterday after three nights away in Leeds for Thought Bubble which was a rollicking success. But three nights of no wife and no Tali wasn't very nice and I would say that I missed them equally but that would be a lie... Of course I missed my wife the most... honest...

A big thank you again to everyone who came to see me at Thought Bubble too. You, plus a great table buddy, Mike and up and coming comic team, Cris & Alice, made for a brilliant convention.

Tali's new toy

We bought Tali a new toy which spins a feather-tipped rod when wound up. The idea is that a cat will chase the rotating feather or at least bat it about. Not Tali though, oh no. She thought the best way to deal with such a contraption was to just fall on it. Well done I guess?